Washing Machine Repair


There is no getting away from dirty laundry, but a trusted washing machine that gently cleans clothes, reduces your load. When the machine is under constant heavy use, it's motor can get too hot and stop working. Other common issues consist of concerns draining, problems spinning, or excessive vibration. At Lawrence KS Appliance Repair we specialize in servicing a wide variety of washing machines such as top loading, front loading and compact washing machines.



  • Call us immediately if your washer is making loud noises. This is the most common reason we service washers and we will find and repair the issue right away. It is usually a worn belt, broken bearings, or a damaged pump motor. All of these things require a repair or the problem will become worse and your washer will stop working.


  • Check the circuit breaker and make sure the appliance is plugged in when the washing machine does not turn on. Call us for same-day service. A broken timer, thermal fuse, or door latch will prevent the washer from turning on. The coupler, drive belt, transmission, or agitator cogs are reasons it will not agitate. We bring the proper parts and tools to fix any of these problems on a same-day service call.


  • If your washer won't spin, there is an issue with the door latch, wax motor, or motor coupling. We can repair these issues ASAP and have your washer spinning once again the very same day that you call for help


  • Instead of mopping up when the washer overruns, call us for same-day repairs. The cause is usually with the water inlet valve, air dome tube, or water-level pressure switch. These are all things we can fix rapidly as soon as we show up for the service call.


  • When the temperature level control change malfunctions or the inlet tube is harmed or obstructed, your washing machine will not have either hot or cold water. Call us for same-day repairs.


Our technicians have the tools, the training and years of experience to complete any common and most complicated repair work on the first service call. We stock our service vehicles with the essential producer parts for significant brand names of washers and dryers including Bryant, Sears, Carrier, Goodman, GE, LG, Armstrong, Kenmore, Lennox, RCA and more! Our licensed professionals are ready to visit your home in the Lawrence area shortly after you contact us. If any washer parts require changed, the technician that visits you will determine the problem and develop a repair option after figuring out the problem and identifying.

Our crew of appliance repair service technicians are highly trained and prepared to offer a fast and courteous service. Give us a call if you require a washing machine repair in Lawrence KS and we will send out one of our friendly specialists out to get your appliance repair needs taken care of once and for all. Don't let laundry pile up, call Appliance Repair Lawrence and setup a consultation with one of our certified specialists.

When you find yourself saying, "I need washing machine repair near me," give our company in Lawrence KS a call at 785-286-3332 or schedule your appointment with our simple online form. We come to your house and provide you an appliance repair service quote based on the task. You'll understand precisely what we're going to do and just how much it will cost before we ever begin work. It's our way of providing peace of mind in our services.